Friday, February 15, 2008

Ambit Electricity MLM Business Opportunity Consultants Share Good Advice

Here is a review of the most memorable insights and good advice from Ambit Consultants who have promoted themselves to Executive Leadership status since Ambition 2007.

It's the best residual plan I've ever seen. It's better than any 401(k) money can buy, as long as people use electricity and natural gas.
- EC Ikbal S.

We really want to find out the big "Why" in peoples lives. We get more personal with people we talk to than maybe others do. For us it's not about the money. We make it about something bigger than ourselves and good things happen.
- EC Cheryl M. and Pat P.

You can't be a "secret agent" in this business. You have to share with everyone. Sharing is caring. We know so many people and we care about them, so we share this opportunity with everyone.
- EC Joseph L. and Nicole G.

It's not me; it's the company. I might just put it in front of more people than others.
- EC Blake L.

When I saw the size of the opportunity and the leadership, I knew Ambit Energy was the right one.
- EC Julio R.

Everything I say is something I have heard from somebody else. If just one of us has to do all the work, then we're limited. But if I can teach ten people or a hundred people to do it, and we're all doing it at the same time, that's powerful!
- EC Richard R.

We show prospects the 526 videos and then tell them, "There's a meeting in your back yard." The movie and the meeting combo is the perfect one-two punch.
- EC Shawn C. and Damien P.

First, get two customers on your own. It's important to feel like you've accomplished something. Second, find a good friend to build your business with. Work on this and have fun together. Keep each other going and share in success. Third, it's not a race; it's a marathon. It doesn't matter that I wasn't the first to cross the finish line. What matters is I crossed it. You might not get there the fastest; just get there.
- EC Kevin F.

Be excited! Excitement is contagious. Get to meetings, go to trainings. To be on top of your game you need information. Get plugged into Power Zone and surround yourself with positive people. Pick four or five people who want this as bad as you do. We're not looking for $399. We're looking for business partners. Treat this like a billion-dollar business and it will treat you like that in return.
- EC Ray M.

It's a great feeling to help the world by improving people's lives and then sending several thousand folks out to do the same thing!
- EC Doug R.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ambit Energy Customer February Referral Contest

At our 2008 Kick-Off Meetings in Houston and New York, Ambit Energy Vice President of Field Development Scott Lawrence announced our Customer Referral Contest. Now, along with earning awesome residual and referral income, Consultants can earn free travel packages!

The Top 100 Consultants who generate the greatest number of customer referrals between January 12, 2008, and April 15, 2008, will earn free travel packages from Ambit Energy. You must have a minimum of ten referrals during this time frame to qualify. Prizes include the Discount Carnival Cruise, a 5-day/4-night Cancun Vacation, the 4 Fly Away Package and the Your Week Resort.

You, yes you, can WIN!

The Customer Referral Contest is open to all Ambit Consultants. Remember, these are your personal customers referring new customers who refer even more new customers. For purposes of this contest, your upline does not get contest credit for the number of customers referred to you. They're all yours, baby! See? You can win!

There is no change to the compensation plan during this contest. All customers gathered do count towards Customer Residual Income and Customer Residual Bonuses through six levels, as always.

Customer Referral Program Details

Note that Texas and New York have different 6-level payout schedules for Residual and Referral income. These pdf files (also available in Power Zone) provide details about the Customer Referral Program.

You can educate your customers about Ambit Energy's Customer Referral Program by asking them to visit

Good Luck!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

University of Illinois at Chicago Network Marketing Certificate Seminar

The University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC in conjunction with Charles King, professor of Marketing at UIC, and Mark Yarnell have founded a certificate seminar series in network marketing. This program is the first of its type to be offered at an institution of higher learning.

The program is titled "Network Marketing: Planning, Building and Managing a Distribution Organization" and centers on applying proven skills of entrepreneurial management taught in colleges of business administration to the network marketing practitioner.

This program recognizes the legitimacy, value and impact of network marketing in the marketplace. First offered in 1994, this 14 year old program is offered both nationally and internationally to help entrepreneurs better understand how to build a large network marketing distribution system.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ambit Energy Illinois Prelaunch Continues

If you are an Illinois Pre-Launch Consultant, you do not have to pay the balance of your $399 fee today! As the Illinois Pre-Launch Timeline indicates, your full payment is not due until the 72-hour payment period (indicated as "Day 2 through Day 4" of the timeline). This period will commence after the Pre-Launch period ends. The Illinois Pre-Launch will continue until Ambit Energy receives its certification as an Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS). Please note, Ambit Energy's certification in Illinois has not been denied, but rather the company has voluntarily withdrawn its application in order to amend its original filing and to address the comments outlined by the Judge with her proposed order. It is not uncommon for a company's first application to require additional information and Ambit Energy intends to re-file its Amended Application within the next two weeks.

Please do not call the ICC about Ambit Energy's status and do not call Consultant Support about our Illinois Launch date or the timeline. Your Consultant Support Team only has the same information as you have available in Power Zone. Ambit Energy will provide you with an updated timeline for live launch as soon as it is available.